Custom / reduced export format?

Is there any facility for a custom export format?

Specifically I’m interested in exporting only the ‘set’ tile positions - so rather than a 2D array of tiles, having a 1D array of [x,y,tile] data.

At the moment the only way add a custom export-only format is to write a Tiled plugin in C++. This is doable by forking Tiled and copying an existing plugin to get you started.

The idea is that you can also write them in Python, but this is currently not possible. It’s something I could probably fix in for the next release. It seems to be that due to an oversight it is only possible at the moment to write Python plugins that both read and write a certain format.

Thanks for the quick reply - C++ is more familiar to me that Python, but I’d prefer not to get bogged-down in having lots of additional compilers (etc) installed on my machine, so if your Python solution is likely to be forthcoming I’ll wait a little while for that.

@BobS I’ve set up the following issue on github to track this issue, so you can subscribe there to be notified when this is fixed: