Download on ChromeOS

Hello, it will not let me install the program, every time I get through to the last step it gives me this error

-bash: ./Tiled-1.7.2-x86_64.AppImage: No such file or directory

Are you running this in the directory you downloaded the file to, and did the file finish downloading?

If you’re certain the file is downloaded and is where you think it is, make sure you’ve made it executable, many distros by default do not treat AppImages as executables.

If you’re on Ubuntu 22.04 or a derived distro, you may need to install libfuse2 to run AppImages.

There are numerous tutorials online for running AppImage on ChromeOS/ChromiumOS. I can’t vouch for any of them as I don’t use that OS, but you should be able to find one and follow it.

my distro is Chromium OS and unsure if that is even a Linux system that is compatible. Would I need libfuse2?

it says that the download was don successfully, but I am unsure how to make it executable?

thank you ill check it out

Judging by the version in the file name is appears you’ve been trying to follow the following tutorial:

Just note that this video is 2 years old and it might not show the most up-to-date or recommended method of installing Tiled on ChromeOS.

In any case, since your error was “No such file or directory”, and assuming the instructions in this video are still working, make sure you at least moved that file from your “Downloads” to the “Linux files”, as done around 1:40 in the video.

And of course, if you downloaded Tiled from, its version will not be 1.7.2 today but 1.10.2, so check the name of the file you downloaded and adjust the commands accordingly.