Tiled without setup

I have a question concerning the download file. Right now i am attending school and need a download file without setup. Right now i am working on a RPG game that is going to be 2D. I saw your link, so i decided to check it out. I love how your Tiled program is recommended by many and how well it works for Unity. I was wondering if i could have a file to download without the setup, so i don’t have to work around with the administrative privileges. If you could do that for me i would be very excited to start working with it.ThankYou


Yep, this is something I was already considering and I will definitely add a plain .zip file to the releases. I just need to find some time to set up such a build target which includes all the right files.

The .msi installer seems to be tricky to use in the itch.io app as well, which is another reason to add a .zip option. Though I’d prefer to get the .msi working there because of the start menu entry and tmx file associations.