Drawing bug when zooming


I think this might also be a but when i zoom in quite far 550% i keep seeing these alignment issues i dont know if someone has mentioned it but i figured i would.

What are these tiles meant to look like?

Do these issues show up at round zooms, such as 500% (5x) and 600% (6x), or is it only with non-round zooms like 550% (5.5x)?

If it’s only with non-round zooms, then you’re just running into a typical problem with Nearest Neighbour scaling - it only works perfectly at round zooms, and causes distorted pixels otherwise. Other upscaling methods would blur the image, so Nearest Neighbour is the lesser of the evils.

the thing is i do not think it is nearest Neighbour look at the image and you can see what i mean, i was probably not clear on my last image


the right of the image was not 600 but 800 in scale