Error indicating the column number

Hello, why does column 0 not match the tile on the far left of the map?
In the gif you can see that the column number does not match the tile number of the map, I mean that the tile on the far left is tile number 0, but Tiled does not indicate it that way.


Is that number actually disappearing? It should be showing negative numbers if it goes below 0.

There’s only one way I am aware of to place tiles on negative indexes, which is when you have set your map to infinite. An infinite map can be expanded in all directions, but its origin does not change. So if you expand the map to the left or above the origin, then you’ll be editing chunks in negative coordinate space.

But are you using an infinite map? Since the number seems to be actually disappearing, it could be that you found a bug.

Hey, for some reason when I opened the file again this morning now that error no longer occurs.

Thanks anyway, I will try to provide more information if it happens again.