Exporting "Z" information of Objects

Tiled is a wonderful software, I’m glad Bjorn is doing this! I’m new to the forums and I couldn’t find an answer to my following questions here:

I created an object layer and placed several objects overlapping each other. With Page down / up I can sort the “level” / “z” axis of each object. But unfortunately I can’t find this “z” information in the properties of the object.

a) Where can I find it? I would like to export my map (have not decided the format yet) with the information which object order is there (as determined by page up / down).

b) Is it correct that object layers can’t be exported as .csv or .txt?

Thank you for your help,

I’m away from my computer at the moment, but does the order of items in the xml doc change to reflect the draw order?

I’m using z depth in mine, but I use a custom property labelled Z for the handful of tiles that deviate.

So in fact, objects do not have a “z” property. Instead, as @deadpanda hinted, the objects are saved to the XML file in the rendering order. When the draworder attribute is set to index at least (the default value of topdown means to render them ordered by their y-coordinate, regardless of their index).

Yes, the .csv format only supports tile layers and the .txt format is actually a format specific to the Flare engine and stores essentially only a subset of the information that is relevant for this engine.

Thank you guys for your answers.
It’s clear to me now.