Drawing map column-by-column


I am relatively new to Tiled and I am wondering if there is the way to export the map Data column-by-column.
Closest thing that I could find in the documentation is this:

renderorder: The order in which tiles on tile layers are rendered. Valid values are right-down (the default), right-up, left-down and left-up. In all cases, the map is drawn row-by-row. (only supported for orthogonal maps at the moment)

It clearly says, drawing is done row-by-row, but is there an option to export data column-by-column ?

There is no such option. Note also that the export is unaffected by the renderorder option, which represents only a change in the order in which tiles are drawn.

What use-case do you have for drawing column-by-column?

Thanks for the response.

The use-case is following:
I have a side scrolling game, like Super Mario Bros. When moving the camera, I pre-draw 1 extra column of tiles offscreen, so having column-by-column map in memory helps me in that regard. Anyways I do that inversion of data myself, so no problem there.