Extra layer for Collisions

Just wanted to drop a quick note that I started using tiled and I am impressed. Just started playing with it and feels awesome. It couldn’t be more intuitive. Fell in love with the right-click cloning :slight_smile:

Now for the question – we decided to implement collision based on an extra layer, since we have jump-through platforms for example. What is your opinion as adding the collision as an extra layer on the map and just working with it? Current collision layer looks like this:


Collision editor I was doing (before I found about Tiled :stuck_out_tongue: )

Cheers :slight_smile: (and sorry for the big image size spam)

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Can’t you already add a new layer called collision and just put it on a different layer than your graphical layer?

That’s great to hear! And really nice to see how you’re using Tiled! :slight_smile:

If you can’t base the collision layer directly on the tiles (so, when you need the same tile to have different collision properties in different places), then a separate collision layer would indeed be the way to go. But if you could, then you’ll probably want to avoid maintaining the extra layer.

If you just need a way to disable the collision in some places (for example to make “secret areas”), you could also achieve that by placing those tiles on a separate layer for which you disable collision entirely.

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That makes sense. Will make it easier to reveal the secret area visible just by toggling the layer. Thanks! Will post some a progress pic when I can integrate it :slight_smile:

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