File Path Problems when using Dropbox and Work cooperation

Hello all,
I’m working on a map with several people, sharing the map files in Dropbox.
Is it possible that each of us can install Tiled and edit the file paths of the images to his personal dropbox file folder? So the images, tilesets are of course also shared in the Dropbox.

How do you guys work in teams on maps?

I hope my description was understandable.

Thank you for your help.

Generally it’s best that everyone shares the same folder structure within the project. This is where source control comes in really handy, and Drobbox is not a good way of sharing source or resource files of a collaborative project. I recommend looking into github, it’s free if you don’t mind the files to be public. Source control will also ensure no one simply overwrites someone else’s changes - something you’ll almost certainly run into when using Dropbox.

But assuming you continue to use Dropbox, just make sure everyone syncs the files to the same root folder. Suppose your TMX files are in a folder named “levels” and the tilesets in a folder named “images”, then all of you should have:


This ought to work for any “path to dropbox” provided that you move the image files into the images folder before adding them as tileset in the TMX file, otherwise Tiled will be creating relative paths (containing ../) which will most likely not work for anyone but the person who created the tileset.

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+1 for using a source control. If you are new to it you need to get used to it probably, but USE it! With the time you will never want to work without it again.

Rolling back changes, having logs of what changes is very important.

For Source of Tales we simply dropped the maps into our git repository next to the images, scripts and anything else.