Why doesn't Tiled use the absolute path of the image?

Hello, I would like to know this topic because the tiled does not put the absolute path of the type file :C:\Users\Thallysson\Desktop\fotos,it places the way from where he is to the file then I think I can not move it, as if it is on the desktop it does well:

It uses relative paths to make sure the map files are portable from one machine to another, or can be moved to different directories (along with their tilesets) on the same machine.

If Tiled would store the absolute path, then the references would break as soon as you rename the directory containing your maps and tilesets, and it would likely not work when sharing your files with somebody else, unless he puts the tilesets at the exact same location.

The assumption is that you’ll put your maps and tilesets together in some folder. They can be further organized into subfolders, but they’re expected to share some common parent folder, like a folder for your project.

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More so tmx have to always be in the same folder, right?

Its location relative to the tileset should not change. That does not mean it always has to be in the same folder.

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What a pity, but no matter, I manage