Flipping selections


Is it possible to flip selection of tiles?
Tiles inside that selection should not be flipped…

Currently, flipping tiles always also flips the tile images. Indeed it would sometimes be useful to be able to just flip the cells and not the tile images, but this still needs to be implemented. One question is, how should the UI work for this?

To flip a selection (including flipping of images), you’d currently either capture a region or copy/paste a selection onto the Stamp Bursh, and then you can press the X and Y keys for flipping (and Z / Shift+Z for rotating in 90 degree steps). Either there would be different shortcuts, for flipping without affecting the tile images, or there should be some option to turn off the latter somewhere. I’m leaning towards adding the option, because I can’t think of different shortcuts that’d make sense for this (combining it with modifiers isn’t really possible, since they are all taken, plus this would make it very hidden).

The following issue is also open as a reminder to add such functionality:


The option is fine.
Whatever helps to have this feature is just fine.