Games with custom level editor using Tiled

HI everyone,

I discover recently SUPERHOTline Miami and it blew my mind.
The creator offers a level editor and you can create your own levels with Tiled, based on the spritesheet and the documentation. You can see the custom levels create with it.

I’m wondering if you know other examples that uses the same system of level editing with Tiled.


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SUPERHOTline Miami is totally awesome, though it seems a little hard for me! :S I did not know you could play custom maps made with Tiled by just uploading them there, that’s really neat!

The game Endless Legend enabled its modding community to create custom maps using Tiled since the Forges of Creation DLC was released one year ago. There is a tutorial about this on the forum. They made a very generous donation to Tiled through BountySource as well.

Screenshot from their tutorial:

I realized another one: Road to Ballhalla is an awesome looking ball rolling game that ships with a customized version of Tiled to enable the community to create and share their own levels. There is an interesting blog post as well about how Tiled enabled efficient level building long before the customized version of Tiled was created.

Their fork of Tiled can be found on GitHub. I just did a pull request to fix some errors I ran into while compiling it on Linux. :slight_smile: