Hire expert for customize game

Hello. I need expert for make some changes on my game made on map editor.

Hey @Cross_Digital_Agenci, welcome to the Tiled forum!

I’m not sure whether you need somebody to make changes to your game or to the map editor. Also, a few more details about what you need could be useful for people to determine whether they might be able to help.

Personally I could surely help with anything related to Tiled itself, or possibly with the integration of Tiled maps in your game.

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I have to complete a project from a game made in tiled map that I buy in codecanyon. The person who developed it and started the project suffered a severe illness that prevented him from continuing with the project and I have it half way. I need to create two new levels from the current level. How can I contact you?

So you need a level designer. I’m not sure if I’m the best guy for this, but I’ll send you a PM.

HelloI isent you an email with more information. Please answer me ASAP. Thanks a lot for your help