Having hell of a time making tiled set from image

I am trying to use the top 2 rows from this. http://orig13.deviantart.net/8e4e/f/2013/327/5/6/free_isometric_tiles_by_neoz7-d6d9ewv.png

I have set my tiles to 64wx56h pixels and selected isometric staggered. What I have been struggling is figuring out what the margin, space. Also what does x/y offset do.

The top margin is 6 pixels
The left margin is 11 pixels.
The images are spaced apart at 13 pixels.

I have tried 6 pixels for margin and various spacing such as 11.

It doesn’t seem to want to line up, even though the images are equidistant when I try to create the tile set.
How does one go about calculating the Margin, spacing


The tiles on that image are creatively packed, with small tiles taking less space rather than all tiles being placed on a fixed grid. There’s even strange few-pixel offsets that seem to be introduced for no reason, suggesting this image has been manually assembled the way it is. So there’s no way you’re going to find the right parameters for this image.

If you want to use these tiles in Tiled, you’re going to have to make sure they are aligned on a grid, and positioned in such a way that they connect properly when Tiled renders them on the map grid.