Help Adding Padding

(Sparta) #1

Due to lines around the edges of some of the tiles on my map, I have determined that I need to add padding. I am using a premade tileset, so I only have the actual image of it. Some other topics have mentioned a python gimp script helping them, add padding to an image but all links to the download didn’t work. If any can help me, I will be very appreciative as I have struggled for quite a while getting this to work. Thanks in advance!

(Sparta) #2

If it helps, this is the tileset I am using.

(魔大农) #3

Instead of adding space between tiles, could using nearest filter mode for your tile texture maybe solve your problem? How to do this depends on the engine you’re using.

(Sparta) #4

I am using this for a Unity RPG I am making.

(魔大农) #5

In Unity the texture filtering mode you would be looking for is called Point. :dog2:
It is a property of the texture that can be set in the inspector.

(Sparta) #6

This combined with a tiny bit of photoshop (some tiles had weird borderings) got rid of the lines. They were driving me crazy. Thanks a lot!