Hexagon coordinates?

What are some methods for implementing hexagon coordinates?

A lot of traditional hex-based wargames use a coordinate system to identify hex locations. It’s really quite simple, a two digit number is used to identify the row and column:

00, 01

Row 0, col 0
row 0, col 1

Something like that.

Is there a “best” method to do this in Tiled?

There’s many ways to do it, but the following post outlines the currently supported system (the article I just linked calls this “offset coordinates”, in Tiled it’s called “staggered”):

If you want to use the axial coordinate system, just set the grid to isometric, and paint hexagons on it.
It is what I did with my game.
The only problem currently is that Tiled automap and terrain features don’t consider hexagons to be adjacent when they should:

Actually, I think considering only the horizontal(if you hex are point up/down) OR the vertical (if your hex are point left/right) hexes adjacent would be the only missing feature to make the grid work “natively” for hexagonal hex (and replacing the tile shape with an hexagon).
That is mostly a problem when using automaps for me (as I don’t use the terrain tool at all).

Thanks for suggesting this! Indeed the Isometric projection can be used to do hexagonal maps as well, and it’s something I’d like to support officially at some point (so that it can have a hex grid and mouse picking, for example). I’ve created the following issue about this now: