Help with display of hexagonal tilest

The thing is i am creating tilesets, for a isometric hexagonal map, but in tiled they look staggered not packed like the other imagine i did in asesprite, anyone know what is the fix?

You need to set your map’s tile size to match the size of the flat part of the tile, without the depth part. So, subtract about 7 pixels from your map’s tile height.

Well, the hexagones are 32x32 px i did the what you say and worked, but a new issue appears that when put a elevated tile, then this occurs, idk that i cant have both or some misstake i make.
Either way ty for the fast anwer

When you say “elevated tile”, do you mean a tile on another layer? That’s unavoidable - layers are rendered in order, so the tiles on the upper layer are rendered on top of the others. With tiles that have depth like this, you need to keep them on one layer. If you want to have some tiles overlap others, then you’ll need to create tiles tiles that don’t have those “walls” and thus don’t have any unwanted overlap. If you’re looking to vary the height of the terrain, you need to use extra tiles for this, tiles that include the extra height.

If that’s not what you mean, can you please explain?

(Unrelated: your hex side length seems to be a pixel or two longer than it needs to be, causing your grid to not match the tiles.)

ghere is the thing i want to do. But u make sense, maybe i have a problem with the tilesets i drew. It is my first time drawing tiles so maybe a mess out with some metric. Pixel are 32x32 pixels. maybe the thing is the “walls” i drew, but i want to make a isometric hex map.

You can achieve your example by offsetting the upper layer (you can use the Offset Layers tool for this, but using the Properties panel is more precise.)
If you want to mix more than 2 heights together though, you might need to use additional tiles that include the extra height in them instead of using extra layers, as I suggested before.

okey, i will try it but it seems the solutions

It worked like a charm!! ty so much!

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and just one last question, tiled got a war to implement tiles higher than 32 pixel in that case?
Like this case, that is missing the top roof
what i am doing know is creating other layer, and with the ofset the verticality and making fit.

You can have tiles of any size in a single map. If the top of your tower is cut off, it’s because you’ve created your tileset(s) incorrectly, not because of anything you’ve done wrong in your map. If you’re using a “Based on Tileset Image” tileset, all the tiles must be the same size, so you should put your taller tiles into a separate tileset that has a taller tile size, or change your existing tileset image so that all the tiles are taller (e.g. add empty space at the top of each tile).