Hi. Im new to Tiled

Uh so how do I get timesheets from this? Bc I rlly want super cool ones for my modd.io games

You can find tilesets of all sorts on Open Game Art (free), itch io and other marketplaces (free and paid), or you can draw your own.

Thank you! :smiley:

Where do I look? In the search bar? If not plz tell me bc I wanna make a tilesheet for my new game :smiley:

Those sites have search bars, yes. On OGA you can refine your search by selecting 2D Art and perhaps including keywords like “tileset”.

On itch, you can browse Game assets, and then you can select the “Tilesets” tag from there. Or you can search, including within that tag.

If you need more help, please look up what you need online for the specific site you’re using. The TIled forum is not the place to get tech support for unrelated websites xP