Uh can someone help me please

Can someone plz tell me HOW to make a tilesheet. Im completely confused. :}

A tilesheet is just a bunch of tile images arranged in a grid. Tiled then takes these images and you can arrange them in any way you like on a map. You can draw them using any art software, but I recommend something that lets you preview the way your tiles will align together, such as Pyxel Edit (for pixel art).

How to design a tileset is a big topic, and I recommend studying and using existing tilesets to get a feel for how things work before you jump into it. Well, it’s mostly that art is a big topic, and tilesets are just “art, but the tiles look good in various arrangements”.

Ohh . Thank you for that information :slight_smile:

Well thats money to buy and idk how to even use it.
Can you suggest any free or easy ones o use to MAKE a tilesheet ? If so please send me a note. :smiley:

I looked at Sketchpad 5.1 but its not what I was looking for so I will continue to search for stuff

Any art program can be used to make tilesets. Most programs with good tile support are paid (and I don’t remember any free ones off the top of my head), but you don’t actually need tile features to make a tileset, you can just draw the tiles without checking how well they go together, and do your checking in Tiled, or by copy+pasting arrangements of the tiles, it just makes the process less convenient.

Use whatever software you like. If you need specific help, you’re best off asking somewhere where users of your chosen software congregate, as workflows differ between software. For Tiled, all that matters is that your tiles are either
A. arranged in a grid, where none of the tiles overlap and all have the same width/height, so that Tiled can cleanly chop the image up into tiles. This will let you create a Tileset based on an image in Tiled.
B. all separate files. This will let you create a Tileset based on a collection of images in Tiled.

Oh. Thank you I can try that. :smiley: Thank you for the information. :slight_smile: