How difficult would it be to use TILED for 3d tiles?

I’m imagining having to write some crazy long python script in blender to interpret the data…

If your map is logically 2D then it should not be so hard to map your 2D tiles to 3D blocks. However, maybe you’d rather map with 3D blocks directly, which is the idea behind this tool:

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Wow… thanks a ton Thorbjørn!

You also made Edddy, right? Do you know how I could install it? I tried the usual configure and make, but to no avail. I’m a linux baby.

I did not make Edddy. My brother made it, who publishes his stuff as LucKey Productions.

Edddy is based on Urho3D, and to build Edddy you need to build that as well. Check out the commands in the Travis CI file to see how it should work (so you need cmake and qmake, not configure):

Note that this tool is still in early development. I’m sure he’ll appreciate any form of feedback!

I’m hoping Edddy will be a useful tool for many in the not-so-far future; however, in it’s current stage of development don’t expect too much from it.
Since further development of KO, Blip 'n Blup and OG Tatt all rely on Edddy, this project does have top priority within the scope of LucKey Productions.

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Hi. I wanted to use Tiled as an orthographic side view project. And I found this thread can help my project.
The issue is that even the game’s view is orthographic side view, the actual game objects/ground has to be 3D. 2d tiles will become 3d objects. Not mesh colliders.

I reckon Edddy can solve my issue but can I use this programme in Window?
If not, can we try another way to do it?


It’s hard to say whether it would suit your needs, but if you’re interested you’ll need to put in some effort yourself to compile it for Windows since no Windows binaries are currently provided. It would anyway be a good idea to look into compiling it yourself, because you’ll likely have to change it to fully suit your project.

I appreciate your help. I will address it to my co-worker. Thanks heaps