How do I export the map in xml

Hello, I would like to know this topic as I do I export my map in xml format in tiled?

Check Map -> Map Properties, I believe the export format can be changed from there.

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The “XML” layer data format will be deprecated with the next release (it is already no longer available in the New Map dialog on master). However, I hope that is not what @Thallysson was referring to.

In fact, the TMX map format is already XML, which is why there is no XML export option.

In case you for whatever reason need your file to have an .xml extension rather than a .tmx extension, then I think you can just save it as such (except maybe on OS X, which is probably still being overly restrictive regarding the file extension).

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I’m doing it in java:, so I needed a file with xml extension

I don’t see them mentioning anywhere that you need the extension to be .xml, they just require you to select the (to be deprecated) “XML” layer data format. The extension of the file remains .tmx.

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I’m sorry I did not understand, but just one more question, I do not quite understand why the tmx file is the same as an XML else has the tmx format?

Are you talking about the format or the file extension? The TMX format uses XML to describe data, so a file in the TMX format is an XML file. But to make it clear that the file stores information in the TMX format, the file extension is .tmx.

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OK, thank you is what I wanted to know :smile:

The type initializer for ‘SkiaSharp.SKImageInfo’ threw an exception.

i try to export and show this message

Maybe the following topic can help you: