Save / load / export as .xml?

OK I know TMX files ARE XML but this would be nice to have, as my current setup requires duplicating and renaming files to .xml each time I edit, as my current setup can’t parse .tmx as .xml

Would be nice to save / load or export as .xml in tiled.

Perhaps throw an error if tag is not present in file?


Actually I have added support for opening .xml map or tileset files over a year ago, but it was on the wip/tilesetdocument branch which wasn’t merged until late last year. However, since then you should be able to use .xml as file extension just fine, you just need to use a development snapshot rather than the latest release. You can find the links to those on the download page, under installation instructions.

Would be nice to have it as an option on “save as” or “export as” in the dropdown along with .json etc.

Yep, it really should be mentioned in the file dialogs! Added it now:

Hi I just grabbed the latest Tiled from as was curious to see if I can save or export as .xml to speed up my work flow, it doesn’t appear to be in 1.0.3 for mac, is there a specific build I can grab?

Cheers! (good to be using tiled again!!)

Hey @hawken, the change I made above went to master because it touched localization strings. This is why you don’t find it in 1.0.3. Until Tiled 1.1 has been released you can install a development snapshot to be able to save as .xml.

And now I realized that I still need to publish development snapshots for macOS also on They are linked from a comment on the downloads page, but here is the direct link (just take the latest one):