How Do I Randomize Whole Tilestamps?

Trying to figure out how to easily randomize tree selection. I have my trees set as tilestamps, but when I try to select them I can only select one. When I try to place it it just chooses random tiles from the stamp. In the guide it says I can randomize entire stamps but doesn’t say how. Can anyone help?

Make all your different trees be variations of one stamp, rather than separate stamps (use “Add Variation” instead of “Add New Stamp”). Then, when you select the main stamp, it’ll choose a random variant. When a stamp has variants, it has an arrow next to it to allow showing/hiding the variants, like this:
Then, when you select the main stamp, the variants will be used at random. You can also still select any given variant to place it directly.

Unfortunately, I don’t think you can simply move stamps into other stamps to make them variants, so you’ll need to stamp your existing tree stamps on a map, and then remake the variations from that. After that you can delete the original separate stamps.

Ok! Thanks for the help! :smile: