Grouping tiles together

is there a way to group certain tiles together within a tile set?
For example if I have a tree that is made out of 4 X 4 tiles, instead of searching for the right tiles to make up the tree each time. is there a way to group the said 16 tiles into a group for easy drawing?


You can save the stamp. So, once you have selected the 4x4 tiles that make up your tree, either from the tileset or by capturing a piece of the map, you can press Ctrl+(1-9) to save this as a “quick stamp”, after which you can press the (1-9) keys to bring back this stamp.

Apart from using those shortcuts, you can also open the “Tile Stamps” view and press the “Add New Stamp” button. In that case the stamp has no direct shortcut, but you can create many more and you can name them to find them back more easily later.

I realize this may not be as convenient as selecting the tree directly from the tileset in one piece, though using the stamps does have some advantages:

  • If you use this stamp on any map, the necessary tileset is automatically added.
  • The tiles used by the stamp do not need to be placed next to each other in the tileset.
  • The stamp can be composed of tiles from multiple tilesets.

Still, I think eventually I’ll also add a feature to the tileset view so you can more easily select pieces that are placed together on the tileset image.

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Thank you so much, and thanks for making and maintaining tiled.

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