How do I specify a non-absolute path in pygame to tmx maps?

I made a small piece of the map and was able to open it when the absolute path was indicated, I tried to put … before the path in the files, as I understand it, the working directory is indicated, but nothing works.
the directory looks like this:
map —>
Tree 1.tsx
Tree 1.png
gentle forest (size 48x48) v01.png

from pathlib import Path
from pytmx.util_pygame import load_pygame

class Background:
    def __init__(self, filename, x=0, y=0): = Path('map', filename)
        self.x = x
        self.y = y

    def draw(self, camera, screen):
        map_data = load_pygame(
        for layer in map_data:
            for tile in layer.tiles():
                x_pixel = tile[0] * 48 + self.x
                y_pixel = tile[1] * 48 + self.y
                screen.blit(tile[2], (-camera.rect[0] + x_pixel, -camera.rect[1] + y_pixel))

As soon as I didn’t try to write the path in the files, please help)