Displaying map with pytmx (Properly automatically flipping )

I already check that question, I’m asking about a bit another

I’m trying to load my map from Tiled editor for a couple of days and still cant understand how blit it properly ?
I’m also trying to use pytmx library
I created my map from collection of images , NOT like sprite sheet collection , and now when I’m loading my terrain layer some images dosen’t flipped automatically , but they were flipped in Tiled editor previously …
Can someone recommend me any ideas how realize it PROPERLY with pytmx library ?
I know that info about fliping located in gid (In first three bits of bitwize representation of that number)
but also how ge normal Id from gid ?
Anyway how read throw pytmx data if image need flip or not ?

def map_setup():
    global image

    # Getting / Importing the map
    tmxdata = load_pygame("Tile_files\\mymap2.tmx")
    width = tmxdata.width * tmxdata.tilewidth
    height = tmxdata.height * tmxdata.tileheight

    ti = tmxdata.get_tile_image_by_gid
    for layer in tmxdata.visible_layers:
        if isinstance(layer, TiledTileLayer):
            for x, y, gid, in layer:
                tile = ti(gid)
                if tile:
                    image = tmxdata.get_tile_image(x, y, layer)

That is exacted code from stackoverflow , but it dosen’t flip tiles which in layers container …

Will be grateful any recommendation ))