How do I stop exported CSV maps from being offset?

I have three layers in my project.

I’ve got the plain background tiles, the scenery tiles, and the collision tiles.

The scenery and collision tiles are offset differently than the plain background ones.

In-game, they look like this:

Whereas it should look like this:

Basically, it isn’t ‘filling in’ the blank tiles when exporting.

Is this intended, or is it me being unobservant and missing an obvious setting?

Thanks in advance!

Both the CSV export and the CSV tile layer format options keep all rows and columns of empty tiles, so this problem almost certainly stems from your parser or renderer.

The CSV file is actually missing those rows.


I’m assuming it’s a bug, then?

My test exports kept the rows/columns.

Do these layers actually have those empty cells in them, or are they offset? Offsetting layers is merely cosmetic and does not insert new rows/columns into them.

I haven’t put any tiles above them, if thats what you mean?

No, I mean offsetting them using the layer Offset properties, or the Offset Layers tool.

Would you mind uploading an example map (TMX) that exhibits this issue when you export as CSV? I want to see if there’s anything odd about the map, or if your CSV plugin is somehow behaving differently from mine.