Tile Layers placed in groups aren't considered for csv export

Hi there!

Glad to have such a high quality tilemap editor with such active development going on!

I ran into a problem when trying to export my layers to .csv: It doesn’t work on any layers that are placed in groups. They are simply ignored; only the layers that are outside of groups are considered.

Maybe I am missing something, but it’s not my impression that this was intended?

Many thanks,

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Sorry, small oversight there. The CSV plugin predated the group layers and still needed to be adjusted. This is done now. Too late for Tiled 1.2.2, but I’ll include the fix in the upcoming development snapshot.

Yeah, I’m very happy that I can continue work on this editor as well! It is only thanks to the generous support of those using Tiled, that I can continue to spend time on this despite my three kids having taken all of my spare time. :slight_smile:


Awesome, Thorbjørn! Thx very much!
Joined the patreon supporters :v:


Thank you so much! I’ve noticed you also joined the brand new Tiled Discord server. :slight_smile: