How do you remove the grey background for tilesets?

ok ok, so im trying to make a map for a pokemon dnd game, and i found a transparent tileset that i wanted to use, however when i used it, there was a grey background instead of being transparent. how do i remove the background?

Do you mean a grey background that is part of the image, or the grey background that shows up in the tileset view in Tiled and as the background to the whole map, but which doesn’t affect additional layers of tiles?

If it’s part of the image, you can remove it either in an image editor, or in Tiled. In Tiled, go to the Tileset Properties, then edit the Image property, and there you’ll have the option to select a transparency colour (click “Use transparent color” first, to enable the selector).

If it’s not part of the image, you shouldn’t need to worry. Tiled by default shows a grey background behind tilesets and maps (this Background Color can be edited in the Map/Tileset properties), but the tiles are still transparent.

I think this might be about the gray background of the map. If you want to place a transparent tile on top of another tile, you need to place them on different tile layers. It sounds like you might have replaced the tile on the bottom layer with a tile that had transparency.