How to activate this window?

Hi, I want to try the tile animation feature but I can not visualize this window.
How do I make it visible?


Do you mean, you’re clicking that camera icon but the Tile Animation Editor does not appear?

I do not see the camera button, how do I find it? What section should I see in order to see it?

Ah, you need to click to editing your tileset first, since the animations are stored with the tileset. There’s a small “Edit Tileset” button in the tool bar below the Tilesets view.

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Ok I have it, thanks.

Can not expand the preview ?.
It looks too small with tiles of 8x8 pixels.


Ah, I’m sorry at the moment you can’t. Indeed it would make sense to apply the same scaling as in the tileset view also in the list of frames and the animation preview.

Your comment reminded me about this pull request, which is now merged. So in the next development snapshot at least the preview will scale along with the tileset.