How to Animate Waterfall tiles?(Solved)

The point is I want to make a waterfall on my map, I can do animation if there is just one tile.

that’s 3 tiles waterfall I think, sorry correct me if I’m wrong.

this single tile i can do animation on it

and how do I animate that waterfall tiles?

Does your tileset include tiles for the animation? I can’t see the whole tileset in your screenshots, but it looks like there’s only one frame available for each of the waterfall tiles, so there’s nothing to animate with.

You could animate using the existing tiles (left edge animation, middle animation, right edge animation, each cycling using the three available tiles), but since those tiles don’t look made for animation, I don’t think it’ll look good.

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So I have to pick 3 tiles for animation and it’s per side.

I think this solves my problem
Thanks :grin:

You might look into implementing a texture scrolling shader to move the “wave” lightened area of the waterfall down and have it wrap around. This would create a smooth looking effect.