Animating entire layer to move one direction

Apologies, but I’ve searched all over and I’m new to programming. I’m making a board game in LUA and for the main map, I want clouds to move perpetually to the left, my water later to move perpetually to the left to simulate the water moving, fog on mountains, etc. Is there a way to do this in Tiled, or only in the game engine?

Unless you can define frame-based tile animations for the movement (doesn’t sound like it), it is something you’ll want to implement in your game.

this can be done with the right animation, rather than actually moving the water.

You’re right, but the link you’re referring to doesn’t use tile animations. It uses transparent water tiles below which a perpetually scrolling image layer is placed. This is actually the technique @Andrew_Myers asked about, but it’s something you’ll need to implement in your engine.

Tiled still needs to support repeating the image of an image layer, which would provide a better preview for such cases. The following issue is still open for adding that: