How to display empty tiles vs transparent ones?

I have been working on a map where a layer has some empty tiles (no tile from a tileset assigned) but I have also pasted (by mistake) some invisible tiles (fully transparent pixels) from my tileset into it too. As I process the exported map json file into a mesh for my game project, I discard empty tiles for various reasons.

But transparent tiles are not counted as empty because they were pasted from the tileset, so I was wondering if there was a way to display which tiles in a layer have been assigned and which aren’t ? That would make the cleanup easier for me. I wasn’t able to find a setting for such thing or a thread on that topic here.

There isn’t one built-in, but you can use the Select Same Tile on an empty cell, and see what “empty” tiles remain selected - those’ll be your transparent tiles. You’d need to do this one layer at a time.

Another, likely simpler, option is to edit your tileset image in an image editor and fill in the transparent spaces with something that’s not transparent, so your empty tiles will become instantly visible. This is the approach I use with my tilesets - I keep the pink around on empty tiles all through production, both so that I can see the empty spaces in the tileset where I can add new tiles, and so that I don’t accidentally use a transparent tile.

It’s also possible to write this as a script, checking each newly encountered tile’s pixels to see if they’re all transparent. I’m not aware of anyone having written such a script already though.

Noted, thank you for the suggestions ! :slight_smile:
I will work my way around that (I doubt I want to do a plugin for that right-now).