How to identify a tile from different pngs as the same tile?

Hello, I’m new to tiled and I’m trying to make terrain sets from the two pngs I attached below. Both pngs share a common grass tile but when I make the two terrain sets and then fill the map with grass, I can’t smoothly switch between both terrains. I think this might be because I haven’t identified both grass tiles as the same tile when creating the terrain sets. Does anyone know how I would go about doing so?


Terrains can only know about terrains in the same Terrain Set. So, if you want to use these tiles together, you must put them in the same tileset, so that you can create their terrains in the same Terrain Set.

If you must have these as separate Tilesets for some reason, then you will not be able to use them together with the Terrain Tool. Automapping can be used instead, though it requires a lot more set up. If at all possible, I recommend merging these images into one so that you can have all these tiles in one tileset.