Terrains - Multiple Tilesets


I have multiple tilesets (TSX files). I would like to generate Terrains that have transitions from both tilesets. IE: Water is in one tileset, grass in another. Is this possible? Thanks!

Not at the moment, sorry. You’d have to either use an image editor, or the somewhat hidden terraingenerator tool shipping with Tiled, to combine the various transitions into a single tileset. Using the tool has the advantage that you can also have it generate combinations (in case you have transitions to transparency) and it can transfer existing terrain info.

Alternatively, you can use different tile layers for each terrain.

The Terrain Tool works strictly with terrain indexes, which would cause issues when terrains from different tilesets are considered. It could be implemented, for example by collecting all terrains and matching them by name. It would be nice to get around to that sometime.

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