How to identify which tileset a tile-on-the-map is from?

Is it possible to click on a tile in a map layer and identify which tileset it comes from? Or, highlight in the map all tiles from a given tileset?

In a current project I have an already-built map that uses several tilesets (I want to consolidate them into fewer tilesets) – there is some duplication of ‘same looking’ tiles across the tilesets. When I try to delete one of the tilesets I get the message “The tileset “” is still in use by the map! Remove this tileset and all references to the tiles in this tileset?” But, from what I can find, there isn’t an obvious way to identify which tiles in the map are from the offending tileset. (BTW, when I click Yes to delete the tileset anyway, Tiled crashes. OS X version)

Any help? Thanks.

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Sorry these things are not possible at the moment. They would certainly be a useful additions. Related github issues:

Now about this:

That indicates a serious problem. Do you have a stack trace of this crash? For me it isn’t crashing, so it’s probably related to a specific situation.

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Hello, could I just get an update on this. Is it possible to basically select a tile on your map and then get info on which tileset it comes from? What I’d like is for some select tool that literally highlights the exact tile in the correct tileset. In other words, it would work like an eyedropper tool for tiles.

@learis Since Tiled 1.4, when you right-click with the Stamp Brush selected (to capture a tile from the map), the Tilesets view will switch to that tile’s tileset (and the tile itself will be selected as well, as before):

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