Highlight a given tile positions in map

Is there a way to show, for a given selected tile in the tileset tab, to show where/if it’s used on the map ?
Thanks !

For a single map, you can place that tile in some unused spot on the map, and then use Select Same Tile on it. This only works on one layer at a time though, so if you have multiple layers, you’ll need to do this for each layer.

If you’re looking to find instances of a tile across your entire project, there’s a script for that (requires a Project, and uses the tiles selected in the Tileset document, not the Tilesets panel). If you know JavaScript, you could modify this to only work on the active map instead of all Project maps and use the tile(s) selected in the Tilesets panel, without requiring a project.

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Thanks! At the moment, my workaround was to create an animation on the tile (the rest of the map is static), so that’s a lot quicker!