How to open and edit .map files?

I try to open .map model file using Titled 1.4.3.
Here is the link to download the file:
But I got the error message: “Unrecognized file format.”!
Please help me on how to open and edit this file.

Why do you expect Tiled to be able to open the file? Which format do you expect this file to be in?

I have found the code that reads the file, but I don’t know exactly what that file format is !?

What is this .map file and where did you find it? Is it for some specific game and its specialized editor?

It’s not a format Tiled can read natively, but if you know the format’s specifications, you might be able to write an importer/exporter.

Hello, do you know how to import code to read this file type? The code to read this file is written in Java!

You cannot import the code, you’d have to port it to JavaScript and to use Tiled’s API for reading/writing map data. The logic concerning the .map file itself should be similar, the biggest differences will be in interacting with Tiled.

Most of the information you need can be found in Tiled’s scripting documentation:
Some additional scripts you can learn from (including one export script) can be found in the tiled-extensions repo:

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