How to set another starting tile ID than 0?


for standard when creating a new tileset, it starts counting tile IDs from 0 on.
I already have a big one up to 799 and like to have a second tileset as an extention, so the first tile ID of it mustn’t start with 0 again, but with 800. Is that possible somehow? I mention to read a fortnights time ago about that somewhere but cannot find it again or how to do…

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The TMX and JSON map formats already assign a firstgid (first global-ID) to each used tileset so that the tile references can be mapped back to the right tileset. Are you talking about the CSV export? This export currently doesn’t support that, but it could be implemented based on a custom property.

Hi bjorn,

nice to meet and read the developer of that great tool. I’m not using it for making RPGs, but an Emerald Mine-based game. It’s even great to use for that with its lots of easy to explore feautures. Better than every editor I could ever code on my own.

Yes, I’m using the CSV export and it would be kinda hard for me to change the export format. I did add such a properity now and found it in the tmx-saved file, but the CSV-exported file is still the same. Have I to change any settings to get custom properities into CSV file?

It’s great if it meets your needs, and of course I try to make sure it does that for a wide range of uses. :slight_smile:

The only thing you can currently do with custom properties in the CSV export is to set a name property on each tile, and then those tiles will export as the value of their name property instead of their ID.

What I’m considering is to add support for a “firstgid” custom property, which you could set on the tileset, which would then cause all tiles in that tileset to export as “firstgid + id”. Alternatively it could do this automatically, but the downside of this is that there is no real way of finding out which tileset starts counting where (as opposed to the TMX and JSON map formats, which do include this information).

Ah, btw, I looked this up and while I don’t think I played Emerald Mine, I played a very similar game called Supaplex. Good old times! :slight_smile: