How to setup terrain rule for a tile with no corners or edges

In the above tileset I have created rules for all the possible combinations but I am unable to create rules for the highlighted tile, basically if there is nothing around I want the highlighted tile to show

This is the wang tile setup I have in godot, as you can see godot allows setting a mask on just the centre.

I just started with tiled not sure how to achieve this, do I need to dive into auto tiles ? or can this be done with terrain tiles ?

These tiles must be placed manually, as there is no distinction between them and solid tiles.

You can mark them as equivalent to an all-blue tile (since functionally, they are - all blue on all edges/corners) so that the Terrain tool is aware of them, and set their tile probability to 0 so that they’re not placed automatically where you’d normally want the solid blue tile.

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