Single tile wall automapping?

Having some issues trying to figure this out. I have walls tile strips that are 16 tiles of 64x64, I found out quickly that the terrain tool would not work for them(as they go to edges), I started reading about wang tool and found this page about 2-sided wang set that pretty much exactly matches the layout of my wall tiles/corners/intersections, so i set that up and it sort of works but only seem to fill areas with random walls, not let me paint 1 tile wide walls i need.

I then started reading and watched the video on the ‘automapping’ feature and while it is pretty confusing I did eventually get it to change a corner for me, but then it was not fixing the rest of the stuff/shapes i tried to put in the rules. I think I just dont know how to use this right, seems like i’m close. I basically want to be able to draw out any shape/intersection with 1 tile and then the automap fix all the sides/corners/intersections for me. I have included few pics and my wall tile so maybe someone can see what I did wrong here.

Thank you for any ideas for assistance :slight_smile:


Sorry replying to my own post, but more pic of the current setup unknown11 unknown111

If it’s about automapping, while screenshots are useful they often don’t provide the full picture since there are so many details that can go wrong in automapping rules. It’s best to also attach a .zip file containing your test map, the rules map and the tilesets.

One thing that puzzles me from the screenshots are those 1x5 rules for straight pieces, as well as the fact that each rule tries to write to the output for its entire input area. You’ll probably want to try setting them up in such a way that the output region is just a single tile (the one in the center) per rule, given that the rule does not have information about the tiles beyond its input region, so it can’t know what the right tiles to use on the edges of its input region are.