İ cant use Tiled Colission Editor

İ m clicking wiew and there is not have tiled map editor also animate.Help please


hi, have the same problem but it doesn’t seem to work. i can find the collision editor and apply it to tiles, but they don’t do anything :S the map will still have no collisions neither in the preview nor my game engine, what can I do?

The map does not store the collisions, they are stored in the tileset.

What you can do depends on which engine you are using.

I am using windows 7 32 bit and i downloaded the Tiled but when i click the Tiled Collision editor its shows your program is stop working and i am not getting any xml option in the edit-> refrence option…

Hmm, not sure why this could crash. Are you using the latest stable version (1.1.6)? Did you enable hardware accelerated rendering in the preferences? If so, does it help to disable that?

What are you talking about here?