I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong -- Collision not working in RMMV


I’ve been trying to use TileD with the RPG Maker MV software, I downloaded the core program and integrated the plugin, but when I tried to put in the collision, well it simply wasn’t working. I put in the custom property and placed the tiles on the appropriate spots, but it doesn’t seem to carry through once play-tested in the RMMV software.

It’s kinda hard to describe, but I’ll do my best and attach some pictures to show where the issues are:

So I created the Collision layer and added the custom property, but once in the map it doesn’t work, my character can still move around anywhere on the map.

I’m really not sure what I’m doing wrong…I’ve looked at online tutorials and read the files that come with TileD. If there’s anything you can do to help, I’d really appreciate it!
Thanks in advance!

Solved it…there was a conflict between TileD and the QMovement plugin.