Collisions and flags not working in Rpg Maker Mz

Hi everyone,
I’ve started using Tile D recently through Visu Stella’s Rpg Maker Mz demo bundle project and I’ve had some issues. I managed to overturn some of them but now I’m really stuck and I have no clues what the problem is. I’ve inspected the demo maps file, .json files etc, tried to copy them in different ways but it’s still not working.

In the in-game tutorial of the demo, they say your are supposed to use a 48 x 48 system tile to paint collisions and flags on a specific layer. I’ve set the custom property “collision” string type with “tile-base” on my “collision” named layer but my characters still walks over everything in the map. Even if I’m painting everything with the Red Square tile with the property “full” visibly attached, there are no collision working when I load the map in Rpg Maker Mz.

When I load a fully working map of the demo in tile d, they don’t use the tile d collision editor either, it’s empty. The only thing attached to the 48 x 48 System Tile provided in that demo are custom property such as full, arrow impassable X, damage, ladder, counter, etc and it’s the same problem. I think it’s supposed to make the collision easier but I can’t even get this simple step to work.

What am I doing wrong?

Thank you in advance

Tiled is called “Tiled”, not “TileD”, not “Tile D”. The RPG Maker community really likes to use the wrong name for it for some reason :]

Unfortunately, you’ll probably want to ask the devs or other users of the RPG Maker plugin you’re using, as none of what you said is Tiled stuff exactly, it’s all specific to that plugin, and people who just use Tiled are unlikely to be able to help you.
In addition, you marked this as a bug report - but this isn’t a Tiled bug at all, and quite likely has little or nothing to do with Tiled at all.

Make sure your collision layer has the correct “collision” property - I imagine capitalisation counts, both on the property name and property value.
Also double check that your character is set to collide with things - it’s possible that the plugin is correctly loading the collision from your Tiled maps, but your game just isn’t using it.

Something you can also check is to try setting your collision layer’s collision to “full” instead of “tile-base”, to see if that has any effect - that would at least narrow the problem down somewhat - if “full” has no effect, then the map or your game’s code are the problem, whereas if it it does have an effect, then the problem is likely with the collision tileset.