Import CSV and further development

Hi all,
I want to import a csv cause I love CSV most so I want to ask if that feature is coming soon or is it possible to code it for you. In same kind I need to know if it is possible to add own coded features to that project?
I would add CSV import and some features to export to three.js for own game cause level editing with Tiled would make sense and fun cause of it’s speed instead of a browser version.

You can write a custom importer that will set up your map based on one or more CSV files. There is no generic solution due to the different ways a CSV file could be interpreted and generally missing information, like which tileset should be used.

A custom importer can traditionally be written in C++ and compiled alongside Tiled. At some point, a Python plugin was added, but since Python 3 this option can be difficult to set up due to incompatibilities. In the upcoming version of Tiled, I’ve added support for scripting a custom importer using JavaScript, which is the way I would recommend giving a try.

Note that at the moment an importer written in JavaScript can only read from the file selected by the user, but I’ll have to add some way to make reading other files possible.

Thanks for this information. I’ll try to write a plugin using Javascript for importing CSV with options for comments and configurations like seperating char…
Then I need the possibility to split a huge map like the USA into pieces f.e. states or quadrants.
Maybe I need to write a C++ Plugin for options like that? (I’m not gonna to use Python it’s not my fault)
That’s all good to know fo the next weeks.
Another interesting thing would be to have a webiste for sharing tiles etc. ?
At least the option for dimetric axonmetric tiles is missing for me.
Could you gave me some informations important to know before developing for Tiled before I start.
As I see it’s using Github - on which days should updates be uploaded normally like once a week or once a month?

Thanks again for your answer.

If you need to extend the UI beyond just adding an action or editing tool then it’s easiest to modify the Tiled C++ source code directly. JavaScript extensions can only display alerts, confirmations or prompt the user for a string (using tiled.alert, tiled.confirm and tiled.prompt respectively).

Maybe you’d like to look at game assets on or

The isometric projection supported by Tiled is actually dimetric, because the angles are determined by the tile width / height ratio rather than there being a struct 120-degrees between each axis.

There is some documentation about contributing to Tiled on the wiki, but the README probably better documents how to compile Tiled yourself. Please just ask questions when something is unclear.

Whenever you want. If you are asking about my work on Tiled, I usually work on Tuesday and Wednesday, push my changes whenever they are ready and aim to publish a new development snapshot about every two weeks.

Javascript support in Tiled is a great feature.

I think the most of your work can be done with javascript.

I found that javascript in Tiled can use XMLHttpRequest.
In other words, we can do more things through the network interface.

But I have not done more tests to verify the feature of XMLHttpRequest.