Is it possible to create metadata for individual tiles?

I see that you can do that on objects, but I don’t see anything for tiles

For individual tiles in a tileset: Yes, you can set Custom Properties in the tileset editor view.
For individual tiles in a map: No, you have to use Objects or Tile Objects for that.

I don’t know what you need this for, but there’s a very good chance that one of these three options will be a good fit for it.

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I’m trying to set up collision data for individual tiles in a map. So it seems like I can’t do that. What’s a tile object?

Tile Objects are Objects that use a tile as their image.

You can assign collision data to tiles in your tileset. If your collision data isn’t 1:1 with tiles (e.g. the same tile may have different collision in different places), you could do something like this, with a special set of tiles representing collision on a separate layer:

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Okay, thank you.