Tile Properties

(Johannes Jacobs) #1


I dont understand how to correctly use the custom properties. I have a tileset and on that tileset I made an animation of 3 tiles. When I am now on my tilemap I can add this animation to my map. Now I want to add a custom property to this specific tile i placed on the map, not the general tile defined in the tileset. For instance, lets say the tile is a some kind of portal which should teleport. I want it to have a string property telling the map name where to teleport to. If I define it on the tileset, the tile will always teleport to the same location, but I want multiple instances of that tile and I want to be able to set the map name of the tile on my tilemap, so I can have the same tile twice, one of it leads to map1 and the other to map2.


(Jonathan Bayle) #2


The only way to do that is to use an object layer and place the tile as an object, then you may add properties to that tile object.

(Johannes Jacobs) #3

Hi, thanks for your answer. That worked out quite well, I didnt noticed that for objects it is different. Thanks :slight_smile: