Is it possible to get the Tileset tiles to fill the entire Tileset window?

Hi, I absolutely LOVE tiled!

I’m wondering, can I have the Tiles in the Tileset window automatically “reflow” to completely use up the Tileset window?

My tileset is made up of all individual images. And by default, they always display in a 5 column layout, no matter how much I zoom in or out on the Tileset window.

Ideally, I’d like them to automatically adjust their layout to fit as many columns as can fit in the width of the Tileset window. (It could just update each time the Tileset window is resized).

Is that already possible, by changing a setting somewhere? Or would it be possible to add in? It would make that Tileset window much more customisable, so that many more tiles can be seen at once. :smile:

Right, this is a missing feature really. It is currently not possible to change the number of columns for image collection tilesets without changing Tiled’s source code, but it’s something I want to fix soon.

Awesome! Glad to hear it’s on your radar.
I’ll keep an eye out on future builds. It’s only a small thing, and works fantastic how it is!
But re-arranging the icons based on the window width would sure be a lovely refinement. Cheers again!

  • Murray

PS: I still massively appreciate that you added CSV output support based on my request a few months back - it immediately moved us from a clunky Excel approach to a professional feeling Tiled environment! It works divinely for the iOS RPG game that I’m making with my girlfriend, and brings us 50 steps closer to the artistic process. So thanks again! :smile:

I’m happy to hear the CSV output enhancement was so useful to you!

Unfortunately due to other priorities (mainly object resizing improvements) I won’t get around to this issue that soon, but I’ll try not to forget about it for too long.

I’d still love to see this feature implemented at some point, if possible. :slight_smile:

It would be super duper awesome for people who use separate images for every tile.

Rock on.

  • Murray

Sorry, it’s hard to remember things mentioned somewhere on the forum, so I’ve now created the following issue to make sure I don’t forget it for Tiled 1.0:

Awesome, thank you!

I should figure out how to add these things to the suggested features, I guess!