Is it possible to make semi-solid platforms using Tiled?

I have an idea for a 2D Platforming game in Unity, and I was thinking about using Tiled to make the maps. I’ve seen some videos and tutorials about how Tiled is used, but I can’t seem to find the answer to this question. Basically, a semi-solid platform is a platform you can walk through and jump up through, but you can land on top of it. Is something like this possible using Tiled? Or would I have to code that in on Unity somehow?

That’s not really a question about Tiled, but rather with the way your physics engine is controlled. You need to implement the mechanism (so colliding only in a certain direction) and then you could probably use a custom property in Tiled to tell your game that this mechanism should be applied to a certain colliding polyline.

Since you’re using Unity and quite possibly Tiled2Unity, maybe @Seanba has a more specific answer.

Yes, it’s certainly possible but the specifics are more a question for the Unity forums as it’s going to depend on what kind of character controller you’re using and how you’re implementing physics in your game.

As far as Tiled2Unity goes I would use Polylines in the Tiled Collision Editor (in Tiled) as these get exported as EdgeCollider2D instances on your prefab (in Unity). From there you need some scripting on your character controller to know how to collide from those edges from only certain directions.