Is possible to create Stardew Valley like map with Tiled?

I want to create Stardew Valley like layout, and I use Unity engine, is possible to create the map with Tiled?

I already watch some tutorials on youtube, most of them only explain about tileset, the ground tileset is OK for me, but how to implement object like houses, trees and other collision object ?

In image above, red area is solid collision or player cant walk into it.

The object like houses and trees have auto sorting based on Y position (game engine)

Screenshot 2024-01-06 211947

Yes, this is all possible. Since you’re using Unity, you should look into SuperTiled2Unity and how it handles tiles, objects, collisions, and z-sorting.

In general, you’ll assign collisions to tiles using Tiled’s Collision Editor, and ST2U will import those, though you’ll need to make sure you set which collision layer in Unity to import them to, and make sure your characters use that layer.

ST2U and Unity can also do proper z-sorting both on tiles within Tile Layers, and on Tile Objects, so it’s up to you to decide how you prefer to handle things like houses and trees. In general, for non-dynamic objects, I recommend using Tile Layers as much as possible.

How to work with object like houses and trees in Tiled?

One of two ways: As tiles in Tile Layers, or as Tile Objects in Object Layers.

Typically, such things aren’t “objects” at all, they’re just regular tiles. Tiled supports using oversized tiles, so you can place large tiles like trees into a regular tile layer, and they will display and z-sort correctly.
You can also build them up from many smaller tiles if that’s how your tiles are set up. This makes z-sorting harder, however, and is best done when you either don’t need dynamic z-sorting.

With Tile Objects, you’ll need each house/tree to be a single tile each, and can position them freely (i.e. not restricted to the tile grid). Typically, Tile (and other) Objects are used for dynamic entities like NPCs and destructibles, there is little benefit to using them for static things like houses and trees, unless you need the grid-free positioning.

The appropriate option depends on your project and your preferences. Try both out.


Can I attach image to object ? IDK how objects work, it just empty shape and I cant do much about it.

Is tile object you mention is an object shape in object layer?

Tile Objects are placed with the Insert Tile tool, they are a separate type of Object from the others.

I can only select a single tile cell right ? my tile size is 24x24, the object size is much more than that, do I need to make all objects into tileset ? not a separate image?

Like I said before, for use as Tile Objects, you should have each thing be its own Tile. If your objects are all separate images, you can put them into an Image Collection tileset - this is a type of tileset where each tile is a separate image.